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Check out the "Ringtones COMPLETE list" to see a list of all tones on this site!!! Updated with over 100 new tones!!! 16 chord Polyphonic Ring tones and all new Wallpaper!!!



Feel free to download as many ringtones and logos/wallpapers as you like.
All ringtones and logos have a link beside them which must be entered into the "goto URL" field on your Sharp GX10.
Once the file is downloaded save it and it will be accessible as a ringtone or graphic.
If you have any problems downloading any of the files on this site or would like any files uploaded to the site drop me a mail

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All files contained on this site are in .mid (midi) .jpg and .gif format and so will work on the nokia 7650 or any other phone/device that are compatible with files of this type. These files are not for public use YOU MUST own the original copy of the artists material before using these files, if you do not you may keep the file for no more then 24 hours before deleting it or you risk prosecution.


Check out our new Software section which contains details on making ringtones using software available on the internet and also various java applications for your Java enabled mobile phone!!


  Ring Tones Complete List




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